My Why

Why I’m Running

My name is Tamborine. I am a candidate whose campaign is funded and supported by real people not corporations. If I am elected, the days of big banks, insurance companies and weapons manufacturers buying our elections will be numbered.

I know I am not alone when I say something is wrong: 50% of Congress are millionaires while only 1% of Americans are. Our veterans are freezing to death on the streets and more than half our children are living in poverty.

Healthcare costs leave millions uncovered, being a home owner is beyond the reach of many, and students struggle to repay their loans with stagnant wages. Meanwhile, corporations receive billions in tax cuts and subsidies while they lobby our Congress to represent (their) interests.

It’s time to demand a higher standard of government; Americans need fairer taxes and living wage jobs. Sending regular people to Congress makes a difference; our voices have been ignored for far too long. We must elect public servants who are beholden only to the people who elected them.

My vision is simple: proactive solutions to serious problems. We can bridge the gap of our differences to create a better quality of life and liberty for all people. We all have experienced the disappointment of politicians saying one thing and doing another. I have signed the Contract for American Renewal (CFAR) that says if I do not sponsor or co-sponsor legislation on any of the issues I campaigned on within the first 180 days of office, I will resign on day 181.

We must invest in our country here at home. We will train millions of skilled workers, building the transportation and energy infrastructure of the future, while guaranteeing every American a job. We owe this to future generations and I’m committed to making it so.