The Difference

Who Do You Want Representing You?

~Supports Medicare for All ~Will not co-sign H.R. 676 to support single-payer healthcare.
~Signed the CFAR Contract pledging to repeal Citizens United getting Big $ Out of Politics. ~93% of donations to his campaign are from large individual contributions and Super PACs.
~Supports HR 3671 Off Fossil Fuel Act and a Green New Deal.~Voted to expedite natural gas exports from fracking, and wants federal subsidies for fossil fuel research.
~Supports peace-driven foreign policy.~12/2/16, S 2943, Heck, in another vote for the US regime change war in Syria, votes to escalate the war by arming Syrian insurgents with anti-aircraft weapons.

6/17/2016 Denny Heck votes yes for endless war on terror with approval of Authorization for Use of Military Force that as of 2016 was used 37 times to go to war without Congress approval.

6/16/2016 Denny Heck votes no to 1% reduction in defense budget.
~Supports raising the minimum wage to a living wage tied to inflation to combat poverty and the need to be on public assistance. ~ Voted to reduce food stamps by $8.7 billion to food insecure families.
~Supports election reform specifically focused on the corruption going on here at home, in addition to any foreign threats.~Does not acknowledge there is domestic threats to our electoral system.
~Supports expanding and protecting Social Security as one of our most important commitments to those who have given so much to our communities and country.~Has not signed on to H.R. 1114 the Social Security Expansion Act which would greatly benefit Seniors allowing them a dignified and comfortable retirement.
~Supports EVERY Americans 4th Amendment right to privacy unless there is sufficient evidence to 'warrantless' surveillance.~Voted NO on the Amash Amendment designed to protect our 4th Amendment rights against the NSA suspicionless collection of EVERY Americans phone records.
~Supports banking regulations such as Dodd Frank to protect the American consumer from discriminatory/predatory lending and irresponsible banking practices that put us in danger of another economic crash. ~Heck votes with Republicans to roll back the Volcker rule, a central provision of Dodd-Frank that limits publicly insured banks from using customer (your) money to engage in risky wall street trading.