Project 100 Women Supports Tamborine

Project 100 Women Supports Tamborine

January 12, 2018
We are pleased to announce that Project 100 is backing Tamborine as one of the Progressive women who could help change the face of Congress. Project 100 Women are committed to getting 100 Progressive women elected to office.

Tamborine Borrelli

WA10 (I)
Current office holder: Denny Heck (D)
Tamborine is a political activist and small business entrepreneur who became involved in politics when inspired by the movement generated from Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. Tamborine is the descendent of Italian immigrants and daughter of a veteran, who put her passion for justice and service to work on the Bernie Sanders’s campaign as a Deputy Field Organizer, a caucus site leader, and a National Delegate and contributor to the Thurston County Democratic Platform Community. She also opened the local chapter of Represent US to fight for fair elections and government reform. As Congresswoman, she will take on corruption opposing the interests of everyday people.

How does Tamborine align with Project 100’s values?

  • Economic Opportunity: Tamborine supports a living wage and fair and equal pay regardless of race, age or gender. She believes the US should make trade school and public college, affordable and accessible to all through tuition and debt free options for higher education.
  • Equal Treatment Under the Law: Tamboine supports criminal justice reform policies to reduce crime and resource waste, while focusing more on funding critical priorities.
  • Healthy People & Communities: Tamborine supports a single payer “Medicare for All” healthcare system. She supports investment in clean energy to stimulate our economy and secure a sustainable, healthy planet for our future.

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