Reeling in Wall Street & Reinstating Glass Steagal

Though Glass Steagal was given more as a distraction to keep in place the failure of fractional reserve banking; it did create the wall between investment banks and federal banks which safe guarded the economy until its repeal by President Clinton. Immediately we had the dotcom crash and shortly thereafter the 2008 mortgage backed securities financial crisis. Reinstating Glass Steagal to rein in Wall Street is of top priority so the American people are not on the hook when investment banks like Merryl Lynch deal with trillions in bad decisions by merging as they have with Federally insured Duetche Bank which is craftily called Bank of America. The people who have tanked the economy walked off with bonuses as everyday Americans suffer. Such banksters have a gauranteed path by bought and inserted politicians. I will not be bribed and I will fight this treason.

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Caring For Our Veterans

Almost all of us know someone or are related to someone who has worn our nation’s uniform in the service of this country. Despite their commitment to our nation, and the billions poured into defense, too many of this nation’s veterans are struggling to get the care they need and have earned by their service. Access to facilities is often limited and wait times for treatment can be unacceptably long. I will work for a VA system that is staffed sufficiently to meet the needs of the millions of veterans waiting for care as well as those applying for disability due to service-related injuries, including general and and mental health issues. We can do better, and should do better by the people who have served this country.

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Debt Free Higher Education, Trade Schools & Student Loan Forgiveness

A society of highly skilled and well-educated workers is a necessity in order to sustain a robust economy. Americans should not have to go into a lifetime of debt in order to further their education or training. There is in excess of 1.4 trillion of student debt that is suffocating millions of Americans. There are those who have grandchildren that are still paying off their student loans. This creates a level of stress and anxiety that does not support a healthy or robust society. I support a one time debt cancellation to uplift a whole generation out of this student loan, interest heavy burden that could boost real GDP by an average of $86 billion to $108 billion per year. Over the 10-year forecast, the policy generates between $861 billion and $1,083 billion in real GDP (2016 dollars).

A lack of an educated and skilled workforce inhibits innovation, and hinders our ability to compete successfully on a global level. For those who want to further their education and develop specific skill sets, access to a quality higher education should not be a luxury. We live in a nation which has the resources to make trade school and public college, not only accessible to all but a human right. The feasible way to make this a reality in the United States is to provide tuition and debt free options for higher education. To know how we will pay for this, see the home page for ‘How will you pay for it’.

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Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

We all want the assurance of knowing that the roads, bridges, railways and all other modes of transportation that we all travel are safe. There is much evidence, however, that too many of these systems are in need of serious repair, if they are not replaced entirely. Our overdue renovations also include sewer, water supply and natural gas lines that are decades old. I support modernizing many of these systems, to include the implementation of fiber optics and other technologies that would not only make our country more efficient, but would create millions of jobs to benefit our economy. I stand in favor of policies which would strengthen our country’s essential operating systems from the ground up.

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We MUST House the Homeless

Homelessness and mental health are the most pressing local issues we face. In Thurston County alone the 2016 census counted near 600 homeless but other reports say there is more than 800 which includes those who are sheltered (235), those living in transitional non-permanent housing (152) and those surviving on the street (192). The latter group is referred to as “unsheltered” — those people sleeping in places such as cars, parks and abandoned buildings. Homes First is an advocacy organization that focuses on emergency housing before such things as mental health services and/or drug treatment. A focus of mine is to invest in long term solutions which can purchase surplus public lands and build tiny home villages utilizing alternative energy as well as having a central community center that facilitates drug rehabilitation, mental health services and job training.

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Immigration Reform & Ending For Profit Prisons- ICE

Protecting our Borders and proper registration are sensible to many Americans. However ICE being run as private industry without proper oversight certainly is not. There is a moral obligation to offer proper judgement to determine asylum seekers and to accept those truly in need of our protection. Judgement is a two edged sword as surely criminals also need proper American proceedings, not simply an ignored deportation from those committing criminal offenses. The privatization of incentivized detention centers where needed government oversight determines peoples survival is disastrous. This must change.

Our immigration system, much like our prison system is filled with corruption, and incentivized detention. The immigration and Customs Enforcement’s detention budget includes a mandate from Congress that at least 34,000 immigrants remain detained on a daily basis, this number increases each year even though undocumented immigrant population has leveled off. Private prisons profit off of this policy, owning 9 of the 10 largest ICE detention centers. Securing a path to citizenship includes making it illegal for lobbyists to influence policies that in effect commoditize immigrants for an industry in militant pursuit of profit.

Recent ‘roll back’ of the DACA program is unacceptable. We have to protect our Dreamers who because of DACA have been able to come out of the shadows, allowing them basic human rights that we take for granted like getting a drivers license and not being filled with anxiety to just simply exist without fear of being ripped from their homes, lives and loved ones. ICE, under the executive directives set forth by the Trump Administration, has been unduly harming the very fabric of our communities. By detaining and deporting staunch members of tight-knit communities, they have created situations where the federal government is the very image of “jack-booted government thugs”. Children are held separately from their families and released without regard for their welfare. Men and women are treated unfairly by a system that has nearly zero compassion.

Here at the Northwest Detention Center, which I have visited multiple times, the detainees are given one piece of ham, one piece of white bread and four cookies to hold them until dinner which is not much better. They are given the least in order to maximize Geo profits. For instance, they are given ONE TOWEL to use for the whole month without being washed as well as being given used and sometimes stained underwear that they are given from previous inmates. This is in addition to mental, emotional stress and sometimes physical abuse is inhumane treatment that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. Our current representative has voted against legislation that would have ended this travesty of justice as well as voted against the Justice Is Not For Sale Act that would have eliminated for profit prisons. Eight out of ten incentivized detention centers are owned by the prison industrial complex. These are human beings, fathers, mothers, children and babies, NOT commodities.

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Lowering Taxes

Congressional greed has replaced fiscal responsibility. The only programs that don’t get funded or are the first to get cut due to lack of resources are the programs that actually help the working poor. Our pay to play political system is costing us a fortune. For example, we are spending three times of what we should be spending because our compromised Congress is not allowing for Medicare to negotiate drug prices from the big pharmaceutical companies in addition to the fact that two thirds of government subsidies are going to multi-national corporations that have no American loyalties. Our trade bills have stripped our work force to the bone while the Military Industrial Complex pays Congress to get contracts for equipment that our military has no use for as it sits collecting dust in packed warehouses. Our black budget programs run without any oversight which results, for example, in the Pentagon ‘losing’ 21 Trillion dollars.

We need to take less from the average working American and do more for America itself by taxing monopolies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Starbucks who pay virtually nothing in taxes while those who patronize these corporations pay the lion-share. We need real fiscal responsibility like auditing the Federal Reserve, gold backing the currency and provide a Federal Jobs Guarantee that pays a living wage which will create a workforce that Americans can be excited about.

Please read ‘But, how will you pay for it’ to see how we can fund the programs we need without raising taxes and how we can eradicate the nation’s debt.

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LGBTQ Rights and Protections

No one should be fired or denied their rights as an American citizen due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. However, this does not prevent it from happening. Members of the LGBTQ community still suffer discrimination, as well as brutal assaults, at times even resulting in the loss of life. For these reasons, I support legislation that recognizes the threats and challenges that members of the LGBTQ community face everyday. I stand against all forms of social and legal injustice that result in any form of discrimination

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A Green Energy Economy

We have a responsibility to future generations to make the necessary changes now to reduce the effects of climate change that are increasingly evident. A commitment to saving our eco-system and economy are not in conflict. The jobs of the future are being created right now in the area of eco-driven technologies. I am committed to a stable transition into new cleaner energies that will stimulate our economy with job growth as well as securing a sustainable healthy planet for our future.

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Ending Trade Deals taking jobs overseas & Prison Slave Wage Labor

Trade deals like TPP, NAFTA, CAFTA and PNTR are collectively some of the most disgraceful assaults committed on our country’s working class. I was an activist that participated in multiple protests against the TPP in 2016 and was encouraged by our success in thwarting its progress. We have to reverse this trend in selling out the American people in the pursuit of profit propelled by insatiable GREED. I will support any policy and/or co-sponsor any legislation that implements strong regulations and implement stringent penalties for corporations who opt to take their jobs overseas to low-wage countries which not only is detrimental to our economy but also will stop supporting slave wage jobs. Additionally, these regulations will not only keep living wage jobs here in the US but will include prohibiting the exploitation and slave wage labor of prison workers who are paid pennies on the dollar to assemble and/or produce for US corporations such as Nike, Microsoft, IBM and Victoria’s Secret.

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Election Integrity: Secure and Accurate Elections

Without election reform, coupled with the stronghold of a two-party system, the people of this country will never trust that their votes are counted as cast. Given the outcome of the 2016 Democratic primary, and numerous elections in the last 16 years, I am committed to solutions to current election integrity issues which include:

  • Elimination of insecure proprietary electronic voting machines
  • Implementation of multifaceted voting and tabulation process that eliminates the possibility of election fraud
  • Open Primaries to allow ALL registered voters to participate in primary elections
  • National civics curriculum
  • National Voting Day
  • Same day voter registration
  • Public campaign finance reform
  • Elimination of Electoral College
  • Federal mandate for standardizing elections
  • Complete transparency of election results and immediate investigation upon evidence of tampering

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Free and Open Internet (Net Neutrality)

The birth of the internet has been one of the most monumental advances in our lifetimes. For some, it is a lifeline to the outside world, for others it is a means to create a life-changing business, for someone else it is the means to learn another language or culture. The innovation and advancement that has been possible because of the advent of internet communication is almost immeasurable. This must not be lost to a handful of big corporations seeking to profit by controlling the public’s access. Unlike many in both the two major parties, we will stand as the defender of internet freedom for all.

I support having a municipal broadband that would break up corporate monopolies which severely restrict access and fleece the people for inadequate internet. Traditional public-private partnerships leverage public funds to incentivize private ISPs to invest in areas that would otherwise be unprofitable to serve. The problem with these type of alliances is that it leaves both the people and the state without any power to affect quality, rates and competition. Another issue is that with these types of partnerships the ISPs own the broadband infrastructure that is built so there is no control of service. More importantly, public-private partnerships do nothing to change the profit motives that kept these same ISPs from serving certain areas – particularly rural areas. In the worst scenarios, these partnerships can actually help private ISPs create monopolies in previously unserved areas.

Like roads, data is a collectively essential to Americans. Because data is privatized decent infrastructure is not the goal for ISPs; rather limiting data creates a frustration they can monetize given Comcast/Time Warner dominance. We need a municipal Internet because information is a necessary utility hence libraries; however today the world moves data more efficiently and America needs to keep up. Europe is already installing quantum internet which guarantees user privacy and can attack problems exponentially rather than polynomial. The advantage quantum internet creates will revolutionize science and technology creating a paradigm shift. At United States’ current trajectory America will never be able to keep up. We still are waiting for reasonable data flow of classic computing.

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Criminal Justice Reform

When we look at the cost and ineffectiveness of our criminal justice system, it’s clear that new approaches are needed. I stand in favor of moving away from the failed policies that have resulted in our country having more people in jail than any other in the world. Many of the people incarcerated today are there because they didn’t have the money to defend themselves. This is a gross display of injustice when our judicial system is complicit in this prison pipeline scheme to enrich the prison industrial complex and all those who invest and profit from it.

Our nation needs to turn from tough-talking, feel-good rhetoric which feeds the for-profit prison system, to approaches that effectively deal with the issues of addiction, poverty and mental illness. I support forward-thinking policies which serve to reduce crime, spending less of our resources on incarceration, while focusing more on funding critical priorities that actually benefit our citizens such as mental health programs, treating drug addiction as a health problem and not a criminal one, reinstating voting rights once they are released and given full rights and access to the Federal Jobs Guarantee with all its benefits so that they can become a fully functional, respected member of society.

Marijuana. Between 2001 and 2010 there were 8.2 million arrests for Marijuana of which 88% were for merely being in possession of small amounts. Within this analysis there was considerable bias found in that Blacks were arrested 3.73 times more than whites despite equal usage rates. This is an intersectional issue that plays into the for profit Prison Industrial Complex, which is exploiting this prohibition to utilize prison slave wages among other avenues of incentivized incarceration. I support the immediate release of all incarcerated from Marijuana related non-violent crimes.

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Protecting our Constitutional Rights & Civil Liberties

Surveillance— Section 702 of the ‘Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Agency’ Amendment Act, allows the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct ‘warrantless surveillance’ on suspicionless Americans like you and me. This means they have free reign to spy on all our phone calls and emails.

Justin Amash (MI-03) and Zoe Lofgren (CA-19), were backed by a coalition of civil libertarians that spans the right wing of the Republican Party and the left wing of the Democratic Party, offered the USA Rights Act as an amendment to the reauthorization bill. The USA Rights Act, introduced into Congress last fall, would end warrantless searches of American’s communications, provide greater transparency, and improve judicial oversight.The amendment failed 183 to 233. 125 Democrats and 58 Republicans voted for it, and 178 Republicans 55 Democrats voted against it. My opponent Mr. Heck joined in the bipartisan effort that voted one of our most precious civil liberties away.

The warrantless and suspicionless collection of Americans’ data is the definition of unconstitutional. Per the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” We must prosecute the violators of our constitutional rights, and I will make every effort to determine which agencies have acted unconstitutionally and draft legislation to make such actions illegal except as outline.

Due Process– The concerning NDAA provision first signed into law in 2012, which permits the military to detain individuals indefinitely without trial, remains despite efforts to reform the provision, especially with regard to the indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens.

Second Amendment – The forefathers gave us gun rights in the constitution to protect the people’s will from being supplanted by an authoritarian government. Princeton has done a study that gives evidence over four decades that the peoples will has ‘near zero’ affect on the legislation that is passed. Therefore we the people, do not have a representative government. In addition, we have an increasingly militarized police presence while our civil liberties are being stripped away one by one. Meanwhile we have a steady diet of violence that is glorified in our culture mixed with an underfunded mental health system. These are the problems that are at the root of our mass shooting epidemic, not the weapons that are chosen. For example, Canada has as many guns as the U.S per capita and yet they do not experience these mass shootings as we do.

We need to invest in mental health programs especially for those who are prone to violent behavior. Those who have been convicted of violent crimes should not have access to fire arms, nor the mentally unstable who specifically demonstrate violent or psychotic behavior.

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Ending Big Money in Politics

We would never allow a referee or other sports official to accept money from the teams they are hired to officiate. However, for much too long, we have tolerated a system in which people who are involved in making important decisions that affect our mothers, fathers, children and families are allowed to accept “donations” from interests whose ideals often conflict with the health, safety and well-being of the American people. As long as candidates are funded this way, with or without Citizens United, nothing will ever change. WE all have the power to change this by utilizing people-funded campaigns to elect candidates who truly represent us.

I will sponsor and support legislation which implements publicly funded campaigns including limits on campaign donations and legally reducing the time period in which candidates are permitted to campaign prior to election day. In doing so, this not only reduces the amount of money required to run a successful campaign, it allows for a more democratic process. Reduced campaign costs enables everyday citizens to have a voice, whether they are constituents or candidates. I will fight to pass such legislation both on a state and federal level.

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Single Payer Healthcare

The “care” in healthcare should be the primary focus of medical staff and patients. Our profit-driven, employer based insurance model is outdated, too costly, and needs to be replaced. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are driven into bankruptcy due to healthcare costs and over 350,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives who did not have adequate or any healthcare at all. Our country pays far more for healthcare, with a much lower percentage of favorable outcomes, than any other nation in the industrialized world. I stand solidly in favor of a single payer insurance system which ensures that everyone who needs to see a doctor can do so before treatable illnesses become more serious and unaffordable. A Medicare for All style system would streamline the process and eliminate the reliance upon companies that profit from denying care to those who need it and whats more important is that we won’t have to raise taxes to do it. (See ‘But, How Will You Pay For It’)

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Protecting and Strengthening Social Security

Social Security is a vital program that must be preserved for all of those who need it. This includes our seniors, who deserve our utmost respect and reverence. No one should ever have to choose between shelter and food due to insecurity in our Social Security system. Social Security has been under attack for some time, with its trust fund tapped by Congress to pay for other budget expenditures. Protecting and strengthening this FDR achievement is one of our top priorities to ensure that this safety net is preserved and pays more adequate benefits, which allow people to live with the dignity that comes with financial security.

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Stronger Unions For American Workers

Every employee should have the right to organize and/or join a union without fear of retribution from their employer. Far too often today, workers have no options when faced with circumstances such as unsafe working conditions or unfair pay. Unions fought for and achieved every major benefit for workers in this country, including weekends off, paid vacation time and medical leave. The decimation of unions, through the expansion of “right of work” laws and disastrous trade deals has resulted in the decline of the American middle and working class. A look at the state of our nation’s workers makes it clear that we need unions more than ever, and need a party that will stand with them.

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Peace-Driven Foreign Policy

Since our 1776 inception, America has had 17 ‘war free’ years. With a growing impunity we deploy our youth to secure what amounts to largely financial interests. These interests are not for the Freedom of Americans at large but in service to corporate handshakes with bought representation. The Peterson/Nixon decision to remove the gold standard has had only negative effects. Due to our currency having no value, its value is forced through requiring it for oil trade at gun-point: meet the Petro-Dollar.

As General Wesley Clark told America from the moment the World Trade Center fell there was a locked and loaded agenda to hit every country without Petro-Dollar enforcing central banking. 18 years later with Syria smoking; North Korea accepting pipelines and Iran lined up as the last domino: that world united in Petro-Dollar dominance would seem attained. However there is a not-so-prosperous possibility. Uranium and ICBM tech has been sold to Russia by leaders who serve their own pockets: China and Russia have perfected that information to create better nukes too fast to shoot down. That means we no longer have the biggest stick. Russia EMP weapons cessate air raids. Being also strong at sea the only way to deal with a third world war would be the historically formidable land war in Eurasia.

We are no longer so far ahead of the world that imperialism can practically work just because we have the biggest stick. China has created a Petro-Yuan which can replace the Petro-Dollar. Russia has backed Syria where US sponsored terrorists have wreaked all hell. If our war agenda were legitimately challenged by calling out a false economy Americans could find themselves hurting in a way yet unimaginable. And as US Treasury bills are being sold off for debt collection by foreign countries that possibility is looming. The incumbent has ten times over voted for regime change war. The incumbent has also voted to perpetuate the economic practices that had crashed the world economy 10 years ago. The incumbent has also voted to surveil innocent Americans with the excuse of a War on Terror. We need an economy that is gold and or labor backed. We need to stop sacrificing our youth to maintain parasitic economic paradigms which has half our nation impoverished. We need to back our military where it counts and not in corrupt defense contracts making Congress rich that only serve to collect dust in warehouses.

Of course we want cutting edge defense; we want the best defense. However we should have the best defense not an unending offense that pimps out brave integral soldiers for corporate use or economic duct tape for fiscal idiocy. War is a clash of ideals and we have lost ours. We need to fix our economy. We need to fix our integrity. We the people, actually represented, have every capacity to becoming the shining light on the hill that political rhetoric feigns. We owe our honest brave soldiers an agenda that truly makes America great.

President John F. Kennedy famously said, “We cannot be strong abroad, if we are weak at home.” I believe that our nation must prioritize policies that build goodwill around the world. I also believe our resources are better spent building our infrastructure, caring for our veterans and creating ways to forge alliances that promote peace and better lives for people around the world.

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Ending Federal Prohibition on Marijuana

Cannabis has been in North America since the late 1500’s. In fact, we used to be able to pay our taxes with the precious commodity. Our Declaration of Independence was drafted on Hemp. This fact alone should reflect that Cannabis has always been a distinct part of Americana. This was all brought to an abrupt end with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937, which was effectively the beginning of prohibition.

According to the ACLU’s original analysis, over half of all drug related arrests are for possession of Marijuana. Between 2001 and 2010 there were 8.2 million arrests for Marijuana of which 88% were for merely being in possession of small amounts. Within this analysis there was considerable bias found in that Blacks were arrested 3.73 times more than whites despite equal usage rates. This is an intersectional issue that plays into the for profit Prison Industrial Complex, which is exploiting this prohibition to utilize prison slave wages among other avenues of incentivized incarceration.

To date, there have been no fatalities from overdosing on Cannabis. Moreover, there is more evidence proving its healing faculties than anything that could possibly warrant it being listed as a ‘Schedule One’ drug along with (truly) destructive drugs such as heroin and PCP. Alcohol does more damage to the user and those affected by the user than Marijuana ever has or ever will. I will support and/or co-sponsor H.R. 1227 to End the Prohibition on Marijuana.

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Gender/Race Income Inequality

Its completely unacceptable that in 2018 we still have income inequality with the same pay gaps between women and men. In the U.S., using median hourly earnings statistics (not controlling for job type differences), disparities in pay relative to white men are largest for Latina women (58% of white men’s hourly earnings) and second-largest for Black women (65%), while white women have a pay gap of 82%. However, Asian women earn 87% as much as white men, making them the group of women with the smallest pay gap relative to white men.

The average woman is expected to earn $430,480 less than the average white man over a lifetime. Native American women can expect to earn $883,040 less, Black women earn $877,480 less, and Latina women earn $1,007,080 less over a lifetime. Asian American women’s lifetime pay deficit is $365,440. The only way the pay gap is going to close is by legislation that compels it. I will do everything I possibly can to make sure this happens.

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Respecting Indigenous Lands and Treaties

This couldn’t be more needed right now in Tacoma, WA. where we are fighting against an LNG pipeline from jeopardizing our clean water here in the Pacific Northwest just as those at Standing Rock. The LNG company has broken Puyallup Tribe treaties and encroached on sacred land putting in a 4bn gallon Liquid Gas tank dangerously close to where 1,000 school children spend most of their day. This is beyond disgraceful. We cannot continue to add insult to injury to Native Americans and the travesties they have suffered by the controlling arm of the United States. As a Native American descendant it will be my responsibility and honor to support and/or co-sponsor legislation that makes it illegal for any fossil fuel companies to engage in any activity that encroaches upon any treaty rights or tribal sovereignty whether it be destroying the water table by injecting toxic chemicals into the ground by fracking or putting lives in danger by laying pipelines carrying fossil fuels that will inevitably leak.

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Women’s Rights and Issues

Whether it is access to preventative care, prenatal and postnatal care, cancer screening or the right to an abortion, women’s right to decide is personal and there are no legal or moral reasons to restrict decisions made for the individual. For far too long the argument of choice has been divisive. It’s time this strategy be put aside and the comprehensive issue of women’s right to ANY health care be brought to the forefront.

Women’s health care affects every aspect of a women’s right to self-determination and the strength of our country. To be able to work and be paid as much as their male counterparts, without any threat of sexual harassment. To pursue their goals and dreams, having the autonomy to make full decisions over one’s own body is an immutable principle and the foundation of our individual success.

These immutable principles are the foundation of our individual success. There is no one more qualified to make decisions regarding her health than a woman along with her doctor. Women’s rights to all areas of health care should be affordable and protected.

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A Federal Jobs Guarantee & Pay That Values Workers

The Private Sector cannot provide nor ensure that we achieve the social goal of full employment for all Americans, especially when the greed of multinational corporations send jobs overseas and joins with the prison industrial complex for prison slave wage labor. Anyone willing and able to work could be gainfully employed with a living wage plus legislated benefits through a government-provided job program, referred to in the 90’s as “Employer of the last resort.”

The benefits of full employment include production of goods, services and income; on-the-job training and skill development; poverty alleviation; community building and social networking; social, political and economic stability; and social multipliers (positive feedbacks and reinforcing dynamics that create a virtuous cycle of socioeconomic benefits). A ‘Labor backed’ economy is a strong economy matched only by a ‘gold backed’ economy that our country was fortified with before Nixon ended it, opting for the insecure fiat system of monopoly money.

A Federal Jobs Guarantee program would restore the government’s lost commitment to full employment in recognition of the fact that the total impact would exceed the sum of the benefits. Estimates of full employment vary between 14m and 24m American jobs. Part of the success of this legislation would be to address the intersectional issue of ending private prison slave wage labor. This would force American companies to open up employment to those willing and able to work.

We believe that people who go to work and produce billions of dollars in profit for companies should earn enough to afford a better quality of life rather than having to exist in a constant state of survival. Hard work is admirable, but having to struggle on less than a livable wage, and/or multiple jobs just to get by, not only takes a toll on individuals and their families, but our communities and economy as well. Too many Americans are struggling to live on pay that lags behind the price of goods and services, while CEO salaries continue to grow exponentially. Employees earnings should allow them to keep pace with the current cost of living. I support fair and equal pay regardless of race, age or gender. We value the people whose energy and effort help to power our nation.

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