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Our Revolution Thurston County Candidate Forum

Tamborine Borrelli answers questions from Our Revolution moderators and members of the audience at Candidate Forum in Olympia WA.

Tamborine on The Big Picture

Holland Cooke discusses Woman running for Congress in 2018 w/ Tamborine Borrelli, a Independent running in Washington State’s 10th Congressional district & Morgan Murtaugh, Republican running in San Diego 53rd District. 

Contract for American Renewal Interview

Tamborine Borrelli explains her CFAR tactics Must-see interview with Tamborine Borrelli for all CFAR candidates and voters in the 10th congressional district in Washington The Contract for American Renewal has identified eleven initiatives supported by 62% to 80% of Americans.  These initiatives are the core of the CFAR.

NoMoreFools Day Interview with Tamborine Borrelli, April 1, 2018

Tamborine Borrelli Candidate WA – CD10 on #NoMoreFools Day April Candidate Tamborine Borrelli (WA-CD10) discusses his campaign, the fool, and foolish things he is running to replace and change. Watch the full event and support participating candidates:     Clip:  Tamborine Borrelli on Single-Payer Healthcare In this interview clip, Tamborine Borrelli discusses Single-Payer Healthcare. Clip:…
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The Humanist Report Interviews Tamborine Borrelli – 2018 Candidate for Washington’s 10th District

Published on Apr 21, 2018 Progressive independent congressional candidate Tamborine Borrelli talks to Mike about why she’s challenging Democrat Denny Heck from the left, his ongoing corruption and corporatism, her views on voter shaming, Trump’s foreign policy and more. This video is a segment from Episode 139 of The Humanist Report podcast.

Tamborine’s Question to Denny Heck

September 25, 2017 This was the moment that citizen, Tamborine Borrelli, questioned Denny Heck. She asked him about the conflict between accepting campaign donations from the health insurance and his obligation to represent the interests of his constituents. Back before Tamborine decided to run for the U.S. 10th Congressional District seat against Denny Heck,…
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Tamborine Speaks at Whole Washington Rally

September 27, 2017 Tamborine speaks at Whole Washington event at state capitol in Olympia, WA on August 12th 2017. Washington State Congressional Candidate Tamborine Borrelli Says Single Payer Can’t Wait