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Denny Heck Voted Yes to ICE Without Demanding Reform, Tamborine Borrelli Says Abolish ICE,

Denny Heck says he shares our outrage about the family separation policy. But just last summer Heck, along with most Democrats in Congress, voted to reauthorize ICE without demanding reforms at a time when Trump’s deportation machine was already well underway

The Peace Report Endorses Tamborine Borrelli for her dedication to a Peace driven Foreign Policy.

January 16, 2018 The goal of The Peace Report is to provide antiwar news and to provide ways to fight against the US war machine. TPR will provide ways to organize with existing organizations and new ideas to create a more peaceful world.

Tamborine signs the Pro Truth Pledge!

  February 24, 2018 I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge: please hold me accountable. Frustrated by misinformation and incivility in public discourse? Take the Pro-Truth Pledge to encourage politicians – and everyone else – to commit to truth-oriented behaviors and protect facts and civility. Join 7821 signers, 76 organizations, 538 government officials, and 761 public figures…
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Tamborine signs the CFAR! ~Contract For American Renewal

January 29, 2018 The CFAR is dedicated to Regime Change in Congress by electing populist Progressives who are committed to bringing a REAL Representative Democracy to our country. CFAR stands for Contract For American Renewal.  But it’s more than a contract, much much more than a legal device.  It’s a paradigm-shifting, game-changing way to introduce…
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Tamborine signs on as a Candidate with a Contract! ~A Peoples Anti Corruption Movement

January 24, 2018 A People’s anti-corruption movement We are uniting candidates from all over the country, and all over the political spectrum, around our anti-corruption contract. It’s a“People’s Party” that prioritizes anti-corruption over partisan politics. Our movement is based on the idea that elected officials are supposed to be public servants, not aristocrats. The contract commits them…
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