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The Humanist Report highlights Tamborine Borrelli run for 10th Congressional District

September 27, 2017 Mike Figueredo of The Humanist Report recently shared Tamborine’s campaign with his audience.   The Humanist Report Published on Sep 16, 2017 Two Democrats in Congress initially refused to cosponsor John Conyers ‘Medicare for All’ bill, H.R. 676—Brad Sherman and Denny Heck. After putting pressure on Rep. Sherman, he eventually succumbed to pressure…
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Tamborine’s Question to Denny Heck

September 25, 2017 This was the moment that citizen, Tamborine Borrelli, questioned Denny Heck. She asked him about the conflict between accepting campaign donations from the health insurance and his obligation to represent the interests of his constituents. Back before Tamborine decided to run for the U.S. 10th Congressional District seat against Denny Heck,…
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