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Letter of Support from a Veteran

August 6, 2018 Tamborine for Congress, you’re a special candidate. In my senior year I entered the delayed entry program (DEP) — on September 9, 2001. What a world I was born into. I still feel young, but when you hear about the Iraq Invasion in an Army formation before work, you begin to realize…
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Time for a New Direction

Tamborine Borrelli inspires action in this light hearted depiction of one our nations biggest issues; Ending Pay-to-Play Corruption in Politics. SHARE and spread the word! 

Candidate Spotlight: Tamborine Borrelli for Washington’s 10th Congressional District

January 9, 2018,
The Bern Report interviews Tamborine Borrelli, who is currently running a grassroots campaign for Washington’s 10th Congressional District and vows to take on the corruption opposing the interests of everyday people.

Denny Heck Voted Yes to ICE Without Demanding Reform, Tamborine Borrelli Says Abolish ICE,

Denny Heck says he shares our outrage about the family separation policy. But just last summer Heck, along with most Democrats in Congress, voted to reauthorize ICE without demanding reforms at a time when Trump’s deportation machine was already well underway