Tamborine Borrelli for U.S. Congress WA CD10 — Get the Heck out!

It’s Time For A New Direction!

I will fight to pass legislation on:

“But, How Will You Pay For It?”

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On the Issues

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Ending Big Money in PoliticsReeling In Wall Street & Reinstating Glass Steagall Protecting Our Constitutional Rights & Civil Liberties
Single Payer Healthcare Caring for Our Veterans Lowering Taxes
A Federal Jobs Guarantee & Pay That Values Workers Tuition and Debt-Free Education, including Trade School Peace-Driven Foreign Policy
Protecting and Strengthening Social Security Free and Open Internet (Net Neutrality) Housing the Homeless
Ending Trade Deals Taking Jobs Overseas & Prison Slave Wage Labor Women's Rights and Issues Election Integrity: Secure and Accurate Elections
Criminal Justice Reform Respecting Indigenous Lands and Treaties Immigration Reform and DACA Protection
Ending Federal Prohibition on Marijuana Stronger Unions for American Workers LGBTQ Rights and Protections
Green Energy Economy Rebuilding Our Infrastructure Gender/Race Equality

Tamborine speaks at the Whole Washington rally to end corruption in Congress.
See the full speech here.  And see other clips here, here and here.

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